U10 Netball v Riley 

Wednesday 13th March 2019
Captain: Zara

A windy but sunny match today with Riley.  We played 7 minute quarters and St. Mary’s dominated the first 2 scoring 4-0 in the first quarter and 5-2 in the second.  They played with precision, communicated well without shouting, passed accurately, used their recently loved bounce passes, and had great use of space.  At half time we made a few changes to help even the game which lost us the third quarter 1-3.  The girls were keen to win but also very humble making the decision to play fair even though they saw Riley fighting back.  They continued into the final quarter with great spirit scoring 2-3, making the final score a win for St. Mary’s 13-8.  A lovely way to finish the season.  Well done girls and thank you all for a fantastic netball experience this term. 
Mrs Kirkness

Marnie Harvey, 14/03/2019

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