U11A Football v Fettes

 This Wednesday’s fixture proved to be a hotly contested affair, with Fettes College putting out a very skilful team to go up against our own feisty lads.
The first half started off well and some end to end football proved fruitless for both teams, who were demonstrating sound ball control skills, passing ability and healthy structure. Both teams had a few shots on goal, however, the Fettes style of pressing one play quite deep resulted in them nipping a goal past our keeper and into the back of our net.

Not to be disheartened, the lads rallied and came back, scoring a hard-fought goal just ahead of half time.
Unfortunately, for the St Mary’s lads, Fettes scored an absolute rocket following our equalisation and, cultivating on the momentum of this positive play, managed to score two more goals in quick succession, bringing the score at half time to 4-1.


The second half was fairly similar to the first. The style of play was mature and all the boys were attempting passes and playing as a team. Fettes managed to score first once more from some pinball like play in our box to make the score 5-1. Following a brief chat from me urging the boys to forget the score line and just play the best football they could, we managed to fire in a screamer ahead of the final whistle.

All boys involved played superbly, the only difference I observed was the decisiveness in the box, where we should focus on cultivating on our opportunities and being slightly greedier which may benefit us in the future when making shots on goal.

St Mary’s Melrose 2 – Fettes College 5

Man of the Match – Fergus, for making some outstanding saves under huge pressure.
Mr Brown

Marnie Harvey, 14/03/2019

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