WOSPS v Dandylions Netball 

Wednesday 6th March
Venue: Kilgraston
Today’s WOSPS v Dandylions netball at Kilgraston once again proved that the spirit of competitive sport is very much alive on the prep school circuit in Scotland.  Players, coaches, parents and grandparents converged on Kilgraston for a 2pm start, battling the fog and rain as they went. As we passed the banks of Loch Leven I noticed an opportune fisherman casting a fly in search of an early season trout, reminding me it’s about time to dust my own rods down. The girls had a good warm up and the B’s took to the court first.
WOSPS 10, Dandylions 16


Mhairi was our soul representative in the B’s and throughout the game she caught the eye for her speed, agility and outstanding hand eye coordination. The game got off to a nervy start as both teams were quite careless with possession. As the game unfolded however, both teams settled into their rhythm.  The Dandylion’s had the upper hand and were dominant from the start, although not always by much; the score was 8-3 at half time. In the third quarter we continued to play some lovely netball. As the girls got to know one another they began to link very effectively and created many opportunities to extend their lead. In the final 10 minutes the WOSPS mounted a comeback and deservedly started controlling much of the court. They narrowed the deficit but weren’t able to surpass the Dandy’s total and we ended up 16-10 winners. 
WOSPS 8, Dandylions 18


In the second game of the afternoon the A’s faced an equally as feisty WOSPS team. Molly, Eliza and Hannah were the St. Mary’s representatives and as with Mhairi, were stand out players. Eliza, as centre and Molly, as wing attack, knew each other’s game are were extremely effective. Coupled with Hannah as goal attack, the St. Mary’s trio helped the Dandylions to our second won of the afternoon. Hannah’s shooting as GA was of her usual high standard and the movement and work rate from all three, was most impressive.
As with the B’s game, initially the girls on both teams were careless with possession, but they quickly found a common wavelength and he game began to flow superbly. The Dandylions won all four quarters, but they had to fight for it. The WOSPS were resilient and proved a tough nut to crack. However the Dandylion’s speed and teamwork took the sting out of the WOSPS tail and the A’s ran out 18-8 winners.
I was extremely proud of all four St. Mary’s Dandylions. The girls more than justified their selection, and despite a particularly sluggish journey home, we had a very enjoyable afternoon. Next week the 1sts travel to Ardvreck for the Ardvreck tournament and the 2nds and 3rds play at home in a four way tie with Riley House and Mowden Hall. 
Mr P.

Marnie Harvey, 07/03/2019

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