U9 Netball v Loretto

Wednesday 2th February 2019


The U9s travelled to Loretto for this week’s fixture and what a change in the weather not a pair of gloves to be seen anywhere!!

Lily was this week’s Captain and she chose first centre pass giving Loretto the choice of end.  This meant that for the first 2 quarters we were shooting into the sun. At the start of the quarter Loretto quickly intercepted our centre pass and moved the ball into their D, scoring the first goal of the match.  This gave the St Mary’s girls a bit of a wake-up call and they started to concentrate and defend their opposite number. The ball moved quickly between the 2 teams, the direction of play changing constantly and despite a number of attempts on goal by Beatrice and Mathilda we didn’t manage to score, however Loretto did, moving 2 goals ahead.  Jemima from the next centre passed the ball to Abigail who moved the ball to Matilda and Beatrice in the D, and although shooting into the sun Beatrice scored.   The quarter finished with Loretto 1 goal ahead.
During the second and third quarters St Mary’s woke up and started to take charge of the game.  Lily and Kira in defence were quick to intercept the ball and move it away from the D, with Amelia key in passing the ball to our attackers.  In the 2nd quarter Mathilda scored 2 goals and Beatrice one, with Beatrice scoring another 2 in the 3rd quarter. St Mary’s were leading by 4 goals at the end of the 3rd quarter.
The girls remained focussed in the final quarter, looking for space and quickly adjusting from attack to defence and although both teams had a number of opportunities no goals were scored.
Final Score St Mary’s 6 – Loretto 2
Well played Lily (Captain), Beatrice (4), Jemima, Kira, Amelia, Abigail and Mathilda (2).

Mrs R Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 01/03/2019

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