Week ending 15th February 2019

On Monday night we saw the return of " I'm an Australian Gappie". The boarders were split into teams; Team Shrimp, The Thongs and Team Vegemite before taking on a series of challenges. They did a kangaroo obstacle course as they hopped with a balloon between their knees. They tossed thongs (flip-flops) into hoops and bit a digestive biscuit into the shape of the Australian coastline. Losing teams got to eat a mealy bug or cricket after each round. The games ended with a dingo dollar quickfire quiz. Fair dinkum, cobber!

Mon 11 Feb 2019

mon 11 Feb 2 2019
On Tuesday we had Science Clinic followed by Twister and making Valentine cards and bunting in the Art Room. The boarders also had the opportunity to chill out in the ICT Room.
tue 12th Feb 19

tue 12 feb 19 2

Wednesday night was all about baking shortbread hearts, handball and netball on the hard courts while others made cards and other crafts in the Art Room.
Wed 13 feb 19

wed 13 feb 19 B

On Thursday night all the pupils not involved in the play had a lovely relaxing evening in the Girls House watching Night at the Museum III. It was a lovely relaxing way to finish off a very, very busy week. Have a lovely half term!

thur 15 feb

fri 15 feb 2

Mrs E Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 15/02/2019

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