Week ending 8th February 2019

Another busy week in the Boarding Houses and we were delighted to welcome some new faces...

Monday started with competitive games along the verandah, with ping pong and air hockey whilst some chose to practise musical instruments in the drama room. Following the Science Clinics for the form 8's, there was dodgeball in the pre-prep, painting in the Art room and some of the juniors worked on their models of Diagon Alley.

After cooking a delicious meal of homemade scotch eggs and sweet potato wedges with Cheffy, all of the boarders were split into 6 teams. Allocated to a member of staff, each team had to complete a series of 24 tasks, challenges and questions around school to try and be the first to reach 5oo points. There were raps about boarding, geography tasks, gymnastics, hair styling, star jumps, Spanish translating and things to find out about the staff involved (who do you believe?..!) and much more... there was possibly some cheating (Team Lily....) and some teacher input but it was a close draw between Teams Rawson and Rooney!

On Thursday night after prep, everyone set off on a walk in the dark to explore Melrose :-)

week of 4th feb 19

week of 4th feb 19 B

week of 4th feb 19 C

week of 4th feb 19 D

week of 4th feb 19 F

Mrs Emma Rawson


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