U10 Netball v Cargilfield 

Captain: Emily


What an amazing first game of the season.  The girls were super enthusiastic and very fast with their play, although it was a very chilly game so they maybe needed to keep warm.  They passed the ball at super speed up the court, communicating with quick thinking.  Their skillful footwork kept the game flowing, working as a team to score many baskets.  The final results were 11-11.  A very close score throughout the four quarters.  At half time we were down by one gaining nothing in the third quarter but Cargilfield taking the lead by 3.  The girls were determined to catch up and so they did it in style during the last 7 minutes scoring 5 to equalize within the last minute.  A nail biting and very exciting game.  Excellent play by all.

Mrs Kirkness

Marnie Harvey, 18/01/2019

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