U9A and B Hockey v Fettes 

Wednesday 31st October

On a cold afternoon we travelled to Edinburgh to play Fettes.  The girls were very excited on arrival as it seemed we’d travelled to Hogwarts, but quickly focused on the task in hand.


The U9A team played 4 quarters of 8 minutes 7 a side.  Fettes won the toss and chose first push back, the St Mary’s girls quickly intercepted the ball, moved into attack and dominated play, scoring the first goal of the match.  During the second quarter we continued to dominate the game but were unable to break through the Fettes defence. Fettes made a couple of breakthroughs but the girls were quick to tackle and clear the ball from our danger area. In the 3rd quarter St Mary’s went 2 – 0 up, but Fettes came back to score. St Mary’s worked hard in the final quarter to increase their lead and were unlucky not to score again.  Final score 2 – 1 to St Mary’s. 

Well played Hannah, Beatrice, Sophie, Kiera, Amelia (Captain), Miranda, Abigail (1), Martha (1) and Aleshya.
The U9B team played 3 thirds of 8 minutes.  The game was evenly matched and both teams were quick to move from attack to defence, the St Mary’s forwards used the full width of the pitch to move the ball forward, passing accurately and creating an opportunity to score and take the lead.  In the second third good communication between the girls ensured they all remained focussed and aware of each other’s positioning, super passing into the goal area saw St Mary’s score another goal but Fettes were quick to respond.  We went into the final third 2 -1 in the lead and quickly scored another goal.  Fettes continued to fight back and scored 2 goals in quick succession.  Final result 3 all. 

Well played, Lily (Captain) (1), Mathilda, Jemima M (1), Ophelia, Lottie, Megan (1), Hettie, Jemima T, Esmee.

Marnie Harvey, 05/11/2018

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