26th October 2018

This month’s Autumn Watch was set in New England, Canada.  The lucky presenters throughout the series highlighted the most beautiful setting with a vast array of strong autumn colours.  It was suggested that there was nowhere else like New England in the world.  Perhaps in terms of scale, they are correct, but living in the Border lands, close to the River Tweed at this time of year, surely comes close.
As we returned to the business of school after an 11 day half term holiday, many bleary eyed souls could be seen yawning their way through the first morning, but a bit like the Autumn colours have done to the setting, our pupils came alive and are back up to pace for the second half of term.

All those who attended the Dandylion trials on the Friday we broke up can be proud of their attempts at being selected, and congratulations to Thomas E who will captain the Dandylions Rugby side with Archie M also being selected.  Congratulations also go to Anna M, Mhairi, Rosie, Molly S, Eliza and Hannah C for their selection to the Dandylions Hockey Squad.  The Dandylion v WOSPs rugby and hockey games take place on 7th and 21st November respectively.

dandys rugby oct 18

This week has also seen the addition of four new pupils and we are delighted how Archie, Emily, Aleksander and Kirsten have settled in to their respective classes.  We have also had the privilege of visits from several of last year’s Form 8s who are making the most of their two week half term holidays.  It is always a pleasure receiving visits from FPs and we have been particularly delighted to welcome back Susannah Godfrey-Faussett, who is currently Head Girl at Glenalmond. Susannah joined us on work experience and has helped out in various areas of the school.  We are very grateful to Susannah for her contribution.
Whilst this has been a three-day week it is safe to say that once the lecture heats have been completed today, and a full programme unfolds until the end of school this afternoon, a restful weekend will be appreciated. 
Next week we are to be joined by qualified teacher Severine Stutz-Berger from Switzerland who will be helping out in various classes around school and is known to us through Mrs Stuart.  Don’t forget the clocks change this weekend.  “Spring forward, fall back”.


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