U9 Rugby v Cargilfield 

On Wednesday the 10th of October two U9 rugby teams from St. Marys travelled up to Edinburgh to play in fixture against Cargilfield. We were kindly greeted on arrival at Cargilfield, the boys got their boots on and we walked over to the pitches.
The First half of the first game was a great contest between both sides with both teams showing a great level of pace and passing. In defence St. Marys were very organised and considerate as after the touch was made, St. Marys the dropped back a few steps to allow Cargilfield to play the ball. However, in the second half when the fatigue kicked in Cargilfield were just a little bit too quick when they had the ball and had the ability to run around the edges. The first game finished St. Marys 3 – 6 Cargilfield.


The Panthers were then allowed a little 15-minute break whilst the two Cargilfield teams played a game against each other, during the break the panthers got some water and we chatted about what we could do in the next game. We also went over to help support the Lions in their fixture and they kindly returned the favour and came to support us in the Panthers second match.
In the Panthers second match there was nothing to split the two sides as Cargilfield scored, the St. Marys scored and back and forth. Cargilfield managed to then capitalise on a dropped ball and were able to dive on it before a St. Marys player. But St Marys were able to finish strong by scoring the last try of the match.
The second game finishing St. Marys 3 – 4 Cargilfield
The players can be look back on this performance to find positives and negatives, and we will be able to identify where the team can improve to become even stronger. I hope all players have a good rest over half term and are raring to go when the second half of term starts to put a good shift in and finish off the season strong. A big thank you to Mrs Letts for driving the mini bus up to Cargilfield.
S. Rooney

Marnie Harvey, 12/10/2018

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