U9 Hockey v Compass

Wednesday 3rd Oct

 The U9A were really looking forward to their trip to Haddington to play Compass school. We arrived early and had time to warm-up and 


practice our drills.
St Mary’s Captain, Beatrice, won the toss and decided to have the first push back, Jemima passed the ball back and the team moved the ball forward towards the goal. The girls remembered their training and used the whole pitch, moving the ball wide, Hannah and Beatricepassing the ball accurately and strongly.

The defence of Lily and Mathilda remained focused and were ready to move forward and tackle the Compass players, clearing the ball out to the mid field players to send the ball forward.
The first half continued with some super play by St Mary’s who kept the ball in their attacking half, allowing Hannah to score our first goal of the season.

In the second half the forwards continued to play confidently and whenever the ball made it into St Mary’s defence Kira worked hard, ready to go in to tackle if Compass intercepted the ball and tried to go on the attack. Amelia and Abigail worked hard running back to support the defence when required changing from attacking play to defensive play quickly.  We continued to move the ball from one side of the pitch to the other and stopped a couple of attempts by Compass to score with our better defensive play.  Beatrice, Hannah and Jemima had a number of shots on goal, pippa1with Beatrice scoring the second goal of the match. Lily and Mathilda continued to come forward and tackle the Compass players and Kira, Abigail and Amelia worked well together in mid field to move the ball wide and forward.   Compass had a lucky break towards the end of the second half and managed to put a goal past our defence.  Final score St Mary’s 2 – Compass 1  

Improved skills, confidence, determination and good teamwork gave St Mary’s the edge and a 2-1 victory.
A fantastic result. Abigail, Amelia, Beatrice (Captain), Hannah, Jemima, Kira, Lily and Mathilda well done.
Mrs R Routledge


Marnie Harvey, 04/10/2018

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