St. Mary's U11 vs Loretto 

Wednesday 26th September

Ahead of this weekend’s forthcoming annual Loretto 7s tournament, our Under 11s faced the hosts in a closely contested and exciting game of rugby at their home in Musselburgh.

The game began with us on the defensive and Loretto initiated their attack with speed and ferocity making good ground, displaying some neat footwork; our defence held firm however, and the green wall remained robust. As the phases mounted we secured a healthy turnover and holding our structure, the lads played the ball wide, (the passing drills proved their worth) and ran our first try in.

Throughout the first half, the game was really end to end, our boys tended to score off the first few phases whilst the Loretto boys would build their game up gradually, phase by phase, and press into our half. The rugby was thrilling to watch and very close. The rucking from both sides was formidable with turnovers being common place, furthermore, it was great to see defending teams kicking to exit their own red zones.

The closest moment for our boys in the first half was when Loretto had built up their attack and were fighting for a try within our 5 meter line! The St Mary’s defence was hard pressed, yet the lads worked with courage and our combined efforts in 2 on 1 tackling was effective as was the quick line speed with smothering the red tide, which meant Loretto couldn’t snaffle up an essential try.


The second half began with our boys on the attack and throughout this entire half we played superb running rugby. We entered the breakdowns with great force to secure the ball and then shipped it wide and employed our nimble backs to make the big yards, scoring from many slick passes. The tackling was just outstanding with every lad putting their body on the line. Moreover, our scrumming was very efficient and we turned over a couple of scrums, which at the U11 uncontested level is quite a feat. The rugby played across the board by every boy numbered 1-8 was just sublime and the work rate was what secured us a very convincing win against an able and courageous opposition.

John, played his very mature game, passing well and creating play, whilst not being shy of having a dig himself, using his great pace. Josh was ripping up the centre with his envious step, and put in some outstanding hard tackles. Lochie, again showed of his lightning speed and footwork in the venom green boots, scoring many tries on the wing. Ollie’s tackling was the best I’ve seen it and his running was very successful and he made great yards. Nic, despite a wobbly tooth defended well and made some key tackles, especially in the second half. Ewan, in classic form, punched well above his weight and dominated at the breakdown and open play with accurate passing. Tom worked hard and chased ball well, made some good carries and applied superb line speed in defence, applying great pressure to the opposition. Blair was fearless in his attack and defence, there is nothing better than watching Blair get the ball in hand and carry with determination and power. Henry played the best rugby I’ve ever seen him play, he was a force to be reckoned with at every breakdown and used his great power to secure ball and made some outstanding tackles, every single time the contact was on. Tristan had a very healthy game and his scrummaging was the best I have seen from him all year. He carried well and showed some more healthy footwork.

Man of the Match: Lochie

Final Score: St Mary’s 9 – Loretto 4

Marnie Harvey, 27/09/2018

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