Week ending 7th September 2018

The Boarding Team

boarding team

Monday 3rd September

 Boarders were excited to return after the summer holidays and share stories of their holidays. Mr Inwood, Miss Amado and George enjoyed meeting everyone at tea. Then after prep there was a game of dodgeball on the tennis courts before toast and milk at bedtime.
mon 3 spet

Tuesday 4th September
After tea and prep there was a three way game of capture the flag in mixed teams across the front pitch then everyone took part in mini football and rugby matches dotted around the school grounds. Then back to the Boarding Houses for showers, snack and the start of the Great British Bake off cake week.

tue 4 sept

tue 4 sept 2

Wednesday 5th September
Mrs Rawson and Mr Inwood each took a minibus of boarders up to Bowden Loch and walked around the back of the Eildons and through the saddle between. It was a lovely evening and boarders had fun hiding in ditches, skimming stones on the loch and eating blaeberries.

wed 5 sept

wed 5 sept 2
Thursday 6th September
We welcomed new junior boarders in tonight and the evening began with making pizza’s with Cheffy before a game of cops and robbers outside.

Thur 6 sept

thur 6 sept 2

Mrs Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 07/09/2018

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