Final Assembly - Form 8

Wednesday 4th July

A superb Form 8 assembly during which several questionable impersonations of staff were attempted, as a talent show unfolded in front of a highly amused audience. The tradition of paying tribute to everyone who has helped Form 8 then took place and as mums, dads, staff, and pupils, with hankies in hand, gave Form 8 a rousing round of applause. The unwrapping of a wonderful painting of the school followed. Head Boy Antony expressed gratitude on behalf of the form as he presented this portrait. After this, it was a pleasure spending time with Form 8s and their parents for drinks on the lawn as the conclusion to a most successful year for Form 8s drew ever nearer.


assembly 1

assembly 2

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assembly 8

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assemlby 11

assembly 11

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Jules Birdsall, 11/07/2018