Week ending 29th June

Monday 25th June
With the sun shining, all of the boarders headed outside for a game of Danish Longball under the shade of the big tree. There was also free time for playing tennis, football and catch ups after camp.
mon 25 june

mon 25 june 2

Tuesday 26th June
After half an hour of prep and reading, there was a choice of a walk down to the river for a paddle or the opportunity to take part in St. Mary's World Cup tournament!

tue 26 june

tue 26 june 2

Wednesday 27th June
Form 8 hosted a fun night for the rest of the boarders, there was a huge buzz of excitement as everyone gathered outside and Jessica took roll call. A BBQ tea which is always popular with everyone started the evening off... In teams everyone rotated around 5 games, each organised and assisted by the form 8's. There was a colour run on the front pitch, a game of predators with water balloon eggs along the wall, egg and spoon football with egg roulette at the end (a good way to use up eggs that returned from camp!), paddling pool bingo with forfeits and a water obstacle course. The boarders had a blast, they finished wet, happy and multicoloured! Thank you to all of the form 8's who created such a fun night, the beginning of a new annual tradition!

wed 27 june

wed 27 june 2

wed 27 june 3

wed 27 june 4

wed 27 june 5

Thursday 28th June
With England v Belgium kicking off at 7pm and no prep it was decided that we should all head down to the river for a paddle straight after tea. We headed far up the North bank and found a shingly islet on the edge of the stream where we threw stones, hunted for minnows and caddis larvae in the shallows or just splashed around in the warm water. Two intrepid travellers drifted by on lilos but otherwise we had the beautiful scene all to ourselves – bliss! After an hour or so, one group sprinted home in time for the national anthems while the remainder drifted back in the beautiful evening light. What a way to spend an evening.

thur 28 june
tue 26 june 2

Mrs Rawson


Jules Birdsall, 29/06/2018

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