Form 7 trip to Torness Power Station and
Aikengall Community Windfarm

On Monday Mrs Hardie and myself had the pleasure of accompanying Form 7 on a trip to Torness Nuclear Power Station and Aikengall Community Windfarm. We were comparing and contrasting the renewable versus non-renewable energy generation processes as part of our physics topic on energy resources and energy transfer.

The pupils were particularly impressed with our guides at both sites, finding them very friendly and keen to find ways to help them understand some of the complex technological processes involved. They were also taken aback by the sheer scale of Torness and the height of the wind turbines. It was a wonderful day out, topped off by a picnic on the beach and a sneaky ice lolly on the way home!

Enjoying lunch on Skateraw beach

torness 1
Meeting our guides, Steve, Matthew and David

torness 2
One of Aikengall Community Wind Farm’s of 16 Vesta V90 wind turbines. These wind turbines have a tip height of 125 metres and each has a generating capacity of 3 MW - enough energy for 1000 homes.

torness 3
Looking up the lift shaft of one the turbines! Scary stuff.

torness 4
Form 7 with our wonderful guides

Mrs Mwara Stuart


Jules Birdsall, 28/06/2018