U9 Rounders V Ardvreck

We travelled to Loreto to play Ardvreck, Celia was this week’s captain and on winning the toss chose to field first.  The Ardvreck girls were steady batters but due to some super fielding between Freya (BS) and Zara (2nd P) we initially managed to stop them scoring.  A slight lapse in focus towards the middle of the innings and St Mary’s girls assuming someone else would run for the ball saw Adrvreck score 5 rounders in quick succession. And after 20 balls finishing the innings with a score of 7 rounders.
 The St Mary’s girls came into bat and as with previous weeks struggled to connect with the ball, only hitting 3 of the first 9 balls.  The Ardvreck BS/2nd P duo were also very effective stopping the St Mary’s girls, when they hit the ball, moving past 1st P.  Celia came in for her second ball and hit a super shot past the Ardvreck 3rd DF scoring a full rounder, Olivia followed suit, hitting the ball past the 1st DF and reaching 4th P to also score. Rounders followed from Freya and Olivia with Nicole and Tallulah also getting to 2nd P for ½ rounders and Bee unlucky to be stumped out at 2nd.  We finished the inning with 7 rounders so all to play for in the second innings.
The girls went out into the field determined to remain focused and stop Ardvreck from scoring.  Again the BS/2nd P combination worked well denying Ardvreck the opportunity to reach second post.  Some quick fielding by Beattie at 2nd DF and Bee at 3rd P saw 2 of Ardvreck’s players stumped out,  a super catch by Nicole at 4th saw Ardvreck lose a 5th player.  Ardvreck finished the second inning scoring an additional 3 ½ rounders.
The St Mary’s girls came into bat, again the Ardvreck BS/2nd P combination stopped the girls when they hit the ball moving past 1st P and when Olivia hit the ball, it went unfortunately straight into the hands of an Ardvreck player. Lily however successfully hit the ball past the Ardvreck deep fielders making it to 4th P for a full rounder, quickly followed by Freya who scored her second rounder of the match.  
Final result St Mary’s 13 ½ - Ardvreck 10 ½
Excellent work today girls.  Keep working on your batting for our final fixture after half term. 
Thank you to all our supporters who have travelled to all our away fixtures.
Mrs Routledge

Marnie Harvey, 08/06/2018

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