Middle School Picnic

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Middle School children were all treated to a wonderful day by the riverside on Tuesday to round off all the exciting work they have done in Outdoor Learning this year. We were treated to some more beautiful weather and the children had a fantastic time from the moment of arrival. The river was just too tempting and stone throwing soon became paddling and damn building. Future civil engineers were solving problems of all sorts as they worked together to construct some amazing stone shapes, glued together with lovely scoops of gloopy ‘cement’ mud. Spotting minnows was easy once the poor things were trapped in the new rock pools! Games of tig and hide and seek were magic fun in this wonderful wild environment, which was also explored for a big team scavenger hunt.  Mud pies were  on offer,  though the sharing picnic supplied by our great kitchen staff was much more tempting! The children were an absolute joy to spend the day with and while they were absorbed in all their imaginary games they still remembered their manners and were polite and helpful to the many walkers who passed by and enjoyed a chat with them.  Thank you to Abbotsford Estate for accommodating us and to all who helped to make the day possible.

Mrs Runciman, Mrs Kirkness, Mr Rawson and Mr Millar

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Jules Birdsall, 07/06/2018