Form 2 Help the RSPB to Ring Chicks

On Friday morning, Mr Mike Fraser of the RSPB returned to St. Mary’s to ring the chicks that were a little too wee last week.

Luckily, Form 2 were on hand to help out as we have a bumper crop of bluetits, sparrows, great tits, grey wagtails and nuthatches this year.

As we add to our birdbox stock we hope to increase the number of nestlings that fledge from our school grounds.

Won’t it be lovely if some of this year’s chicks return to raise their own families next Summer?   


Well done to all involved!

Hector bluetit 6

Hector bluetit 5

Hector bluetit 3

Hector bluetit 7

Hector bluetit 2

Hector bluetit 1



Tom Rawson, 01/06/2018