1st Rounders v Belhaven 

Wednesday 30th May
Captain: Isla

St. Mary’s -12.5: Belhaven-25

Possibly the highest scoring rounders match I have umpired in recent years-scoring 12.5 rounders in a match is usually pretty good but unfortunately we came up against a team who were able to double this!

It was actually a very good game to watch with some fantastic batting from both teams, some outstanding fielding from both teams but equally, from us, some pretty woeful fielding which led to a few slapstick moments! If we are to focus on the positive, it would be to compliment Mhairi and Jessica on some outstanding hits (they drew admiring gasps from the crowd) and to recognise the clever and astute fielding of Mhairi, Eliza and Isla at backstop, 1st and 2nd posts.

A game where I would rather have seen a closer score, but one has to admire the skill of a better team, and today that was the entire Belhaven Squad of 10!
Well done Belhaven but well done to St. Mary’s too; I am proud of the fact that you never give up!

Scorers: Mhairi x 5, Jessica x 3.5, Eliza x 2.5, Rowan, Molly S, Emma x .5
Catches: Isla, Jessica and Mhairi

Mrs FK Bell

Marnie Harvey, 31/05/2018

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