U9A Rounders v Belhaven 

Our first home fixture and we took advantage of not having to travel to practice our fielding tactics and hitting the ball.
Belhaven arrived and we quickly started the first match. The St Marys’ U9A Team Captain for the day Charlotte unfortunately lost the toss and Belhaven chose to field first.

The game was played over one inning of 20 good balls.  Olivia opened the batting with a strong hit and scored a full rounder, quickly followed by half rounders by Zara and Celia.  Lily also hit the ball strongly but due to some effective fielding by Belhaven didn’t score.  Both Beattie and Freya hit the ball but again due to good fielding, were unable to score and were stumped out at 2nd post.  Olivia and Celia both added to the scoresheet with their second bats and Nicole scored a super ½ rounder narrowly beating the Belhaven fielder to 2nd post. Belhaven came into bat and what a difference in the St Marys’ fielding, the ball was stopped quickly and thrown accurately.  The girls were thinking before throwing the ball and managed to stump 3 of the Belhaven girls out at 2nd post, due to Bee, Freya and Beattie, stopping the ball quickly and throwing to 2nd
Final score St Marys 4 ½ - Belhaven 4 ½. 

It was lovely to watch the girls making decisions quickly and see the improvement in both their fielding and batting.
Well done girls.

Charlotte (C), Beattie, Bee, Celia, Freya, Lily T, Nicole, Olivia, Zara
Mrs Routledge


Marnie Harvey, 31/05/2018

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