Under 10  Rounders v Belhaven

Wednesday 30th May
St. Mary’s 13   Belhaven 12    

Today proved to be our toughest match yet.  On our previous match this season against Belhaven, we won by one rounder (4½ v 3½) and today was like history repeating itself!  

 We won the toss and prepared ourselves in batting to watch Belhaven score 4½ rounders with some excellent batting although tight fielding stopped many scoring at 2nd post.  We were keen to move to bat and I was very impressed with the consistent and accurate batting by most players.  After the first inning, we were in high spirits as we lead by one rounder with the scores at 5½ v 4½. 



It was all to play for in the second inning with the scores so close,  Our visitors continued to bat carefully although  took some chances early on which resulted in losing some players as they were stumped out.  Our final chance at batting started well although we were slow to start scoring.  Eventually, we started to bat further and wider on the pitch which allowed some players to score at 2nd post or even 4th

 This was by far the most exciting and closely matched fixture to date but with a few mistakes made by both teams, could have ended completely differently. 

 Great work today girls, keep working on throwing and catching in preparation for our last fixture next week.

 Thank you to all our supporters today. 

 Match stats. – players (score plus 2 for no ball and 1 for obstruction)

Mabel (Captain & ½ ), Tiggy (2), Iona (2), Anna (2), Emily (2), Cadence (1), Kate (½), Skye, Lily, Sophie, Harriet, Bea, Emerson and Ally. 



Mrs Wright 

Marnie Harvey, 31/05/2018

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