Form 7 Art Trip to Edinburgh

Form 7 enjoyed their annual art day in Edinburgh on Friday and were gifted a beautiful day of sunshine to enjoy Edinburgh at its finest.

Walking down to the National Gallery with Mr Rawson’s tales of mishaps on The Playfair steps ringing in our ears we arrived safely to enjoy the treasures of the gallery.

Our focus was a sense of identity and how Scottish art reflects upon this. With this in mind we concentrated on the work of Sir Henry Raeburn with his grand painting of Colonel Alastair MacDonnell. A certain Form 7 lad pricked up his ears at this point to see his ancestor so proudly displayed in his tartan finery. It was certainly a new experience for me to be describing this famous Raeburn painting to a direct descendant of the sitter! 

art trip

As a contrast we investigated the iconic Scottish image that is fondly known as the Skating Minister.

art trip 2

Next the children found a complete contrast in the challenging painting of Jenny Saville. An artist who doesn’t shy away from the thought provoking subject of the conflict in Syria. Form 7 shed interesting light with their views of a subject often covered by the media and now highlighted alongside our conventional view of the type of artwork exhibited in the National Gallery. I was delighted with the degree of engagement that Form 7 offered coupled with their sense of maturity on display.

national gallery

national gallery A

national gallery B

national gallery C

A well-earned lunch eaten in Princess Street Gardens saw us ever appreciative of Cheffy and his team!

After a brisk walk up to the Royal Mile, which any Form 7 will tell you is actually an old Scots mile (a mile and an eighth) we arrived at Camera Obscura.

This was definitely a different kind of stimulus for the eye and we thoroughly enjoyed the visual illusions on offer. Though I’m not so sure that I will be walking through the optical vertex with its unnervingly dizzy effects again. Though the bold Form 7’s ventured across several times even trying the giddy effect backwards!

With growingly weary eyes we ventured back to the buses. Mrs Hardie had one final treat lined up for Form 7 and safely back at St Mary’s she provided us with ice-cream cones which were the perfect end to a lovely day. Our thanks must go to Mrs Hardie and Mrs Lewington for driving the buses through the tourist thronged streets of Edinburgh and for making sure that Form 7 had a memorable art trip.          

Ms Wood

Jules Birdsall, 25/05/2018