U11 Rounders v Cargilfield

Wednesday 23rd

Final Score: St. Mary’s 16.5 - 18 Cargilfied

It has been a lovely afternoon hosting our guests Cargilfield, whilst an excitingly close match kept spectators and players on their toes!

Joweb000St. Mary’s batted first and scored an impressive 9.5 rounders, including 3 full rounders by Imo, Freyja and Libby all on their final balls of the innings. Halves were picked up by nearly everyone else (Daisy impressively scored one on every ball she had) which set a high benchmark for Cargilfield to strive towards. The girls were rightly delighted, yet reflected also on two missed opportunities to score another couple of halves. They were determined to not let such chances go amiss in their second innings.

As Cargilfield’s batting got underway, it was clear that they had some seriously ‘big hitters’. They really kept our outfielders Imo, Elena and Kiki on their toes and after a while, Willa and Emma rotated round the field to add some support too. Being slightly slow on the uptake meant Cargilfield were already racking up the half rounders, yet we put in some excellent effort to get the ball to 3rd post so that there were limited full rounders scored. Elsa did well with her bowling and Emily worked hard to have her hands at the ready to try and get players out at 1 post should the ball come her way. As the 30th ball was bowled, missed and stumped into the batting box by Freyja, Cargilfield had managed to get to 9 rounders in total, so there was just a half rounder difference. If only we had taken those two chances in our first innings!

Now was our chance to not let any halves slip through the net. The girls continued to bat well, perhaps with not as much strength or distance as our opponents, but they made contact with 22 out of their 30 balls which is very pleasing. An overzealous Freyja got out at 2nd post on her very first ball, whilst being super eager to try and bag a half for the team, and an unlucky Libby hit a great ball up into the air which promptly got caught. Joweb001Every
one else managed to stay in though and took all opportunities given to them which was great. This innings, it was Elena and Daisy who managed full rounders, whilst Imo and Emma scored three halves each out of their four balls. A half from Elsa, one obstruction from a Cargilifiled fielder and a half from two consecutive no balls meant we got 7 in total for the innings, leaving us with 16.5 as a final total. We would have to be ready for whatever Cargilifield hit at us in  the final innings…


And hit they did, but it was wonderful to see how the St. Mary’s girls really upped their fielding game. They worked so hard to make strong and accurate throws to one another and we had a couple of near catches slip through our fingers which kept the team chomping at the bit to keep doing the best they could. All bar one of the opposition managed to stay in for the duration of the innings and in the end, they managed to score another 9 rounders, ending the match victorious.

Despite the tight score sadly not going our way this week, to me there were two fantastic outcomes today. One, the girls fielding skills really took an upwards trajectory this afternoon and two, how much fun all the girls from both schools were having during match tea whilst chatting to one another. Winning is great, but enjoyed the opportunity to meet and get to know girls from other schools is a huge part of inter-school sport and both Mrs Webber (Cargilfield’s coach) and I were delighted to see how well all the girls were getting on today. Well done, everyone!


Marnie Harvey, 24/05/2018

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