1st rounders v Cargilfield and Loretto

Wednesday 23rd May 2018
St. Mary’s: 8.5   Cargilfield: 9
St. Mary’s 7.5    Loretto: 5

 Captain: Isla

We were determined to give Cargilfield a good run for their money after our last encounter, and having watched them take Loretto to task, we knew we would have to be at the top of our game.

Batting first , we played it safe until Emma took them by surprise-they had not expected such speed and a super full rounder was gained; Jessica (2) Mhairi and Eliza added fulls to the score line with Mhairi (x3) ,Isla(x2) Eliza and Rosie collecting halves. Strong back post to 1st fielding put out Tegan, Rosie and Emma; with Rowan and Freya being caught out. After 30 balls we had 8.5.


Cargilfield, as usual, batted well and gained 14 x ½ rounders with only 2 full. Our piece de resistance was stumping out batter 2 at 2nd post (Isla) and catching out batter 1 (Isla); catches were also taken by Mhairi and Jessica and following a tense calculation, after 30 balls, we had lost by ½ a rounder. However, after our last dismal performance, this actually felt like a win!

Against Loretto we fielded first; despite stumping out 5 players at 1st and 2nd we were unable to halt their big hitters and they amassed 5 rounders, of which were full.

It took us until ball 9 and a ½ from Rosie to make any mark on the score sheet. Nerve rackingly for the umpire (ME!) another 8 players batted before Rowan scored a ½ followed by Rosie again doing the same. At this point in proceedings I was becoming a little worried…I should have known better….for on the next 8 balls the girls scored 2 full (Isla) 2 full (Jessica) 2 x ½ (Mhairi) with halves from Tegan and Rowan. A nail biting tot up showed that it was actually balls 27, 28 and 29 which won us this match 7.5-5! Good work girls but don’t do that to me again!

Mrs FK Bell

Marnie Harvey, 24/05/2018

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