Royal Wedding Rounders

rw1 rw3 rw4
rw2 rw5


Royal score
Prince Harry 14.5
Princess Catherine(Kate) 13
Meghan Markle 8.5
Prince William 8

The girls in Forms 8, 6 and 5 along with Mrs Bell, Mrs Wright, Mrs Scott-Aiton and Maddy enjoyed an afternoon of Royal Rounders! The BIG 4 were in attendance, and in the crowd we spied Queen Elizabeth II (aka Mrs Bell) The Duchess of Cambridge (Mrs Wight) Prince George (Mrs SA) and a fairly sprightly Prince Phillip (Maddy)

Round one saw Meghan play Harry, and we realised she had not played rounders before, for her husband to be won by 8 rounders to 4.5. Over on the other pitch was the battle of the Cambridge’s-unsurprisingly Kate’s team beat William’s, though only by one rounder 7-6.

The play off for 1st and 2nd saw the gallant Prince take the spoils and in the 3rd/4th place match, Meghan and her bridesmaid’s caught the second in line to the throne, unaware winning this match 4-3.5.

A jolly afternoon of Royal revelry.

Mrs Bell

Marnie Harvey, 22/05/2018

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