Form 5 History - The Scottish Pike Schiltron

Currently in Form 5 History we are studying the Scottish Wars of Independence, which occurred during the 13th and 14th Centuries. So far we have learnt about the factors that contributed to the build up to war between England and Scotland, the events surrounding King John “Toom Tabard” Balliol and the rise of William Wallace and some of the major confrontations between the two countries. So far we have investigated the triumph at Stirling Bridge and on the flip side, the crushing defeat of the Scots forces at Falkirk, with the eventual execution of William Wallace.

In order to develop an understanding of the Scottish fighting style at the time, Form 5 have been practicing the Schiltron formation. It was described as a “thick set hedge” of spears up to 18ft long. The Schiltron formation was used effectively against the English heavy horse and men-at-arms at Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn, however it failed gravely against the English Longbow at Falkirk.

Form 5 History
Figure 1: Form 5 East take up the Schiltron formation.

Form 5 History 1
Figure 2: Form 5 West are set upon by Form 6 maths, led by the notorious Mr P.

Form 5 History 2
Figure 3 Form 5 West hold fast and the day is won!

Mr James Brown


Mr J Brown, 21/05/2018