Week ending 18th May 2018

Monday 14th May
On Monday evening we all enjoyed the first Boarders’ Barbecue of the Summer Term. Cheffy sizzled some amazing burgers on the grill before we headed our for a scavenger hunt around the school grounds organised by Mrs Stuart. Items that they had to find included a minibeast, a stick the length of the foot of the youngest team member, a stone that looked like a piece of fruit, the total of all their ages, a song and an animal sculpture made from their bodies. The winning team won with their performance piece, “Mrs Stuart is the best!” to the tune of baa, baa black sheep J
Mon 14 May

Mon 14 May a

mon 14 may b

Tuesday 15th May
Tuesday evening saw the start of the biking activity with the World Champion mountain bikers from Borders College. Over on the Middle Field the young cyclists were put through their paces in a series of exciting salom races and challenges. They learnt how to get into the ‘attack position’ on their bikes and improve their position in the bikes. Back at base camp, everyone took part in a giant game of Capture the flag with the fastest ever time  for the winning team  to capture both of the opposition’s bases.
tue 15 may

tue 15 may a

tue 15 may b

Wednesday 16th May
Half the boarders took part in the mountain biking activity on Wednesday, racing around the back pitches, competing in relays and learning how to bunny hop. The rest of the boarders walked across the chain bridge over the River Tweed. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed an hour of river beach yoga, gymnastics, stone skimming and stone sculpture before returning to school for tennis, football and free time.

wed 15 may

wed 16 may a

wed 16 may b

wed 16 may c

wed 16 may d

wed 16 may e

Thursday 18th May
St. Mary’s Royal Tea Party took place by the big tree on Thursday. A very British tea of scones, strawberries, decorated cupcakes and orange squash in tea cups followed by some guest appearances by the Royal family! Then after prep, juniors  split into teams for Royal trivia, charades and dance routines!

thur 17 may

thur 17 may a

thur 17 may b

thur 17 may c

thur 17 may d

thur 17 may e

Mrs E Rawson

Mrs E Rawson ........ jb, 18/05/2018

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