Birdboxes Filling Up Fast  

Feathery families looking for some quality timber properties need to get in there quickly.

The fantastic birdboxes that we exchanged with Mr Mike Fraser from the RSPB are already home to seven different broods of little birds.

Amongst the little families are four clutches of blue tits, one house sparrow nest, one great tit nest and one nest of one of Mr Rawson's favourite small bird; the nuthatch.

Mr Fraser will be returning next week to ring the nestlings so that we can keep track of the fledgelings. Maybe some will return to nest here next year?


Well done to all involved!

nuthatch 16-05-18
The nuthatch is a beautiful little bird.
It looks almost like a small woodpecker and is more often heard than seen.

TR up ladder
Form 4 helped put up the boxes in the Lent Term.

bluetit 16-05-18
We are delighted to have a number of little blue tit nests on the campus.


Tom Rawson, 18/05/2018