U10 Rounders v Loretto

Wednesday 16th May
Loretto 6 - St. Mary's 12 1/2



We witnessed some wonderful rounders today on a gorgeous sunny afternoon at Musselburgh.  The team have been perfecting their batting and fielding skills and deserved their win after a very warm afternoon during our second match of the season against Loretto. 


Skye – Captain for today and scored ½ after some lovely batting.  Excellent work as both backstop and bowler.

Tiggy – another great match with 3½ scored and confident as bowler and 2nd post

Anna – after two knocks from the ball she bounced back to score ½, cover 3d post and have a go at backstop

Iona – clever tactics at 2nd post along with good ball retrieval at 2nd deep, unfortunately stumped then caught out before scoring in the two innings

Emily – confident to fetch the ball in 3rd deep and cover 3rd post scoring 2½ today

Sophie – covered two differing posts well but sadly stumped and caught out quickly in both innings

Cadence – another great contribution to the team with 1½ rounders and lots of powerful hits, also covered 1st and 4th posts

Emerson – worked hard in deep positions and scored 1 after some great batting skills

Mabel – good batting today but not far enough to get to 2nd post to score but kept focused in two differing deep fielding positions


We were also lucky enough to add on an additional 3 from no balls. 


I was very impressed with the team commitment today and enjoyed seeing the team support each other even when out of the match. 

Thank you to our supports on the sidelines and to our hosts today.


Mrs Wright  

Marnie Harvey, 17/05/2018

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