Floors Castle Horse Trials

Saturday 12th May

Emily, Daisy, Libby B, Anna B, John T, Kiki and Eliza represented St. Mary's at the Floors Castle Horse Trials on Saturday.   They made up two teams, the Hamilton Team and the Sanderson Team.

St Marys were a force to be reckoned with as they swept the board at a highly competitive NSEA (National Schools Equestrian Association) event.  An early warm up class saw John T placed 2nd and Anna B placed 5th.
The 75cm course gave team placings of Hamilton 3rd and Sanderson 4th and an individual win and qualification for Daisy for the finals in October.
The 85cm event with a huge entry of many older children, didn’t put St Marys Hamilton off and they won! Emma was also the individual winner.
There were lots of local schools competing with Longridge Towers, Sedbergh, RGS, St George’s and The Mary Erskine school. 
Congratulations to all our riders.


floors 1

floors 2

floors 4

floors 5

floors 7

floors 6


Jules Birdsall, 14/05/2018