1st Rounders v Cargilfield and Belhaven

Wednesday 9th May 2018
Captain: Isla
We went up to this fixture with high hopes-there is no doubt this group of girls have the ability to compete on the circuit for their batting and fielding are of a good standard…most of the time! Unfortunately today was, ‘a bad day at the office!’

Game 1 against Cargilfield saw us score 4 full rounders (Mhairi x 2, Jessica and Molly)with a host of halves from Mhairi ,Jessica ,Tegan and Eliza;4 girls were caught out and 3 stumped at 1st-with only 7 on the scoreboard, fielding was going to have to be top notch against Cargilfield. Two catches from Eliza and two from Mhairi was not enough to stop Cargilfield scoring an impressive 13 rounders with 5.5 from the youngest member of their team!

Only Jessica scored a full rounder against Belhaven with halves from Isla(x2) Tegan(x2) Eliza and Rosie(x3) Mhairi was caught out on the first ball of the innings, despite a mighty whack, Molly, Eliza and Tegan were out at 2nd and Freya at 1st; Rowan too was then caught out-things were pretty dismal and we ended the innings with only 5 rounders to our name. The positive part of our fielding was that Isla, Mhairi and Eliza made super catches but our backstop-first combo fell apart and throws from all directions were a tad dodgy-it would be easy to blame a slippy ball but the same ball was used by the other team! Belhaven amassed 12 which included 6 full rounders-well done to them.
Lessons learnt-we will work hard in games sessions next week!

Mrs FK Bell



Marnie Harvey, 14/05/2018

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