Mini Tournament 

Wednesday 9th May 2018

St. Mary’s, Belhaven Hill, Craigclowan and Loretto


STM (9.5) - CC (3.5) BH (4.5) – L (3)
BH (10) – STM (7) L (3.5) – CC (1.5)
BH (12.5) – CC (1.5) STM (1) – L (4.5)

Overall winners – Belhaven Hill with 3/3 wins.
An overcast afternoon was rather welcome after the scorching heat of Monday’s training sessions and we just managed to time things right to avoid heavy rainfall.

It was super to host three teams out on the back field in a mini tournament, which saw a strong Belhaven side winning all of their matches.

U11s 9518sa

St. Mary’s played Craigclowan first and made a solid effort with their fielding to get the ball quickly and efficiently to 2nd post, in order to stop half rounders being scored. Daisy, Freya and Elsa made 3 super catches, and Libby and Daisy also got 3 players out between them on 2nd and 3rd post. Craigclowan did some excellent hits which kept the St. Mary’s deep fielders, Willa and Imo, on their toes. None more so than on the final ball of the innings, where the last Craigclowan batter scored a super full rounder! With 3.5 to beat, the St. Mary’s team began their innings. As a team, their batting has got a lot better of the past week, with most of the team connecting with the ball more often than not now. Therefore, the focus is now on combining this with the right striking motion and use of strength in order to get a score from their hits. With this in mind, every girl hit the ball at least once and 80% of them scored from a hit, which is fantastic. We managed a smattering of full rounders alongside three halves (including Emily’s which, even though she did not hit the ball that time, she took her chances and sped round all 4 posts to bag an extra half for the team) so the innings ended on 9.5 rounders. A great start to the afternoon.

Our next match was against Belhaven and thinking back to previous seasons, we knew they would be slick and well-rehearsed with their set pieces of fielding – we were not wrong! Belhaven had some huge hitters which really stretched our fielding skills, however, a few high hits were calmly caught by Freya and Kiki which gave the girls a real boost. As the innings went on the St. Mary’s deeps fielders Libby and Willa, got better at getting the ball quickly to Kiki on 3rd post, meaning the Belhaven hitters got half rounders rather than whole ones. However, the halves all add up and the batting team ended their innings on an impressive 10 rounders – quite a feat to beat! That said, having just scored 9.5 against Craigclowan, the St. Mary’s girls were in positive spirits about their chances.

They got off to quite a good start and once again, they hit the majority of their 30 balls. Poor Kiki, Elsa and Emily got out on their first balls, however, which was a great shame but just how the games goes sometimes! As suspected, the Belhaven fielders were very fast and accurate at getting the ball to each other and despite our best efforts, most batters were forced to stop at 1st post, as 2nd had been stumped very quickly. Therefore, it was very difficult for us to score many half rounders but we did manage some cracking full rounders from Imo, Elena and Daisy to boost our score a wee bit. The girls did well, but sadly not well enough, and finished their innings on 7 rounders. It was a great game, though.

U11s tournament 9518sa
Lastly we played Loretto just as the rain was trying to start. We were in to bat first and I think it would be fair to say, things did not go very well! Loretto’s fielding was on fire and they caught 4 of our girls out in quick succession and 3 others were stumped out on posts. So it was all down to Elena, Kiki, Willa and Emma to do their upmost for the last 13 balls of the innings. They worked hard to keep moving around the posts in order to get back to the batting box in time for the next ball. They did their very best, with lots of encouragement from their teammates but in the end, we only had 1 rounder on the score board. The girls knew how vigilant they needed to be with their fielding and were ready and raring to go. The very first Loretto batter, however, did a super hit and managed to get a full rounder on ball one of their innings! So now it was just a matter of making sure they scored as few as possible for the next 29 balls – tricky! However, the girls made a sterling effort and did manage to fend off Loretto getting another score over the next 12 balls which is pretty amazing. Some quick thinking to get batters out on posts and 3 more super catches by Elsa and Freya, saw 6 of the Loretto batters getting out. However, at times the focus on the live batter was neglected which resulted in half rounders being scored, so Loretto ended on a very commendable 4.5.
Well done to Daisy and Elena who were the highest scorers this week, but it was everyone’s contributions that got us to a total of 17.5 rounders over the course of the afternoon. Keep up the practise, girls as our next match is against Cargilfield in two weeks and it’s sure to be an exciting one. 

Mrs J S-A

Marnie Harvey, 10/05/2018

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