Form 3 Trip to The Hirsel

On Monday morning, Form 3 set out to visit The Hirsel Estate in Coldstream to investigate habitats and food chains with our wonderful host, Sally Fleming.  The location and weather was the perfect setting for some great outdoor learning. 

Hirsel 30418

hirsel 30418 2

The day began with research into differing habitats including the lake, hedgerow, woodland and field areas.  We studied each area to analyse if each were suitable for small mammals, birds or invertebrates. 

Hirsel 30418 B

Hirsel 30418 c

hirsel 30418 d
We moved into a lovely woodland area to play a food chain game before heading back to the estate buildings for lunch.  In the afternoon, Sally helped everyone make their own healthy and delicious pizzas which we all took home to enjoy. 

hirsel 30418 e

hirsel 30418 f
Many thanks to Sally for a wonderful day out and to Mr Miller for his help throughout the day. 
Mrs Wright

The children also took some photographs ......

HIrsel 30apr18 I

Hirsel 30apr19 II

Hirsel 30apr18 III

HIrsel 30apr18 IV

HIrsel 30apr18 V

HIrsel 30apr18VI


Jules Birdsall, 04/05/2018