U10 Rounders v Loretto

 Wednesday 2nd May
St. Mary’s 9   Loretto 6½    

We won the toss and quickly assembled into our fielding positions with some great team work on display from the beginning.  Evenalthough we did not stump or catch out any players, we were accurate in throwing and catching to stop play with a quick pass to our bowler before many batters ran onto 2nd post.  As we moved to batting, the girls took every chance to collect points.  Taking well calculated chances and lots of risks nearer the end of the inning resulted in the score of a very close 5½ to St Marys and 3½ to our visitors. 

 Moving back to fielding, we changed a few players around and tried out new positions which gave us a strong field for getting players out, with a grand total of 5 players out by the end of the inning.  Loretto added an additional 3 rounders so we knew we had to score more than one full rounder to win.  As out batters took their positions, tension was high.  One by one the girls took their chance to score with some unsuccessful risks taken along the way under the pressure.  Thankfully, we managed to notch up an additional 3 rounders taking us well and truly into the lead before the final ball.   



  • We were delighted with the final result today and skipped our way off to match tea with beaming smiles alongside our guests. 
  • Well done to everyone and thank you to all our loyal supporters watching today. 
  • Match stats. – players (score plus ½ for no ball)
  • Sophie (Captain & birthday girl, 1), Tiggy (1½), Skye (4), Kate (1), Anna (½), Cadence (½), Iona, Lily, Emily, Mabel, Harriet, Bea, Emerson and Ally. 


Mrs Wright 

Marnie Harvey, 04/05/2018

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