Scottish Prep Schools Clay Pigeon Championship

Thursday 3rd May 2018

clay pigeon shooting team

Today’s Clay Pigeon shooting championships seems to have become an annual fixture in our busy diary and today we headed for Strathallan with a young but extremely enthusiastic team. Jake, having won the ‘Top Gun’ trophy at last year’s event, was hoping to emulate his success this year and Archie and Freyja, although less experienced, were equally as keen to learn a trick or two! This year we were very pleased to have been sponsored by Bisley at Braidwood, who very kindly gave the team some caps and badges to wear on the day.

This year’s shoot was very well attended. Teams from Riley, Belhaven, Ardvreck and Craigclowan also arrived with high hopes and following a delicious lunch and safety brief, we all headed for the shooting ground.

Archie was first to take the stand for team St. Mary’s. Targets were a mixture of singles and pairs, on command and report. Archie made short work of some but others were extremely tricky, made even more so by the gusty wind! Freyja was up next and she too had some cracking shots. A host of Strathallan pupils, all members of the school’s shooting team, were on hand to aid and assist and their help proved very useful indeed. Freyja was fortunate enough to have Harriet helping her, whose encouragement for Freyja was very much appreciated.


Jake took the stand last, along with the captains of most of the teams. If the standard of the shooting had been high in the initial stages of the competition, the bar was raised even higher by these boys! As the boys worked their way around the stands, three of them began to gain the upper hand; boys from Adrvreck and Riley, and Jake. When they had finished their 25 clays, Jake and Fin from Ardvreck had indeed both finished with 18, so had to have a shoot off! This consisted of 5 targets, after which, if needed, it would go to sudden death. (Memories of Fergus Burn’s shoot off in 2014 came floodingback!)
Jake won the toss and opted to shoot first, a wise decision! He hit his first three but then missed the next pair. Fin shot two of the first three and one of the next pair; a dead heat and so to sudden death! The next single target was shot by both boys. Jake then hit one of the following pair, as did Jake. The next pair were sent on report and Jake shot both of them which piled the pressure onto Fin, who hit the first but missed his second. So, it really couldn’t have been any closer. So, very well done to Jake for retaining the Barrack De Cefco trophy for Top Gun. 

The team event was won by Ardvreck and we came 3rd, just three clays behind the winners!

We all had a fabulous afternoon, were very well looked after, as always at Strathallan. My thanks to Paul Vallot and John McBain for organising another very successful Prep School’s shoot and my congratulations to Archie, Freyja and of course, Jake.

If clay pigeon shooting is something that you fancy trying or indeed if you are an experienced shot and want to further hone those skills, Bisley at Braidwood regularly host ‘Young Shot’ days, their next being this Sunday, 6th May. If you are interested, see their website for more information or call Allan on 01835 870816

clay pigeon shooting

Congratulations to our shooting team who came 3rd at yesterday's Clay Pigeon Competition at Strathallan and to Jake for being 'top gun'.  Very well done.

M Harvey, 04/05/2018