Week ending 27th April 

Monday 23rd April
On Monday night the boarders played tennis on the courts and practised their bowling and batting in the new cricket nets.

Mon 23 april

Tuesday 24th April
16 boarders went swimming at Gala Pool on Tuesday night. They raced with Stefan and tried some synchronised swimming too. Back at school there was more tennis and cricket and we welcomed several new boarders - AWESOME!

tue 24th april
24 04 1

Wednesday 25th April
Noche Espanola!
Registration was taken in Spanish by Mr Mateos and then boarders enjoyed Cheffy's paella and tried different Spanish tapas for tea including chorizo, salami, manchego and olives. Everyone made the effort to make conversation and ask questions in Spanish whilst listening to some Enrique Iglesias tunes. Maddy's playlist also included the Macarena which boarders then performed over desert!
After half an hour of free time, boarders regrouped on the tennis courts and split into 6 famous Spanish Football Clubs for a tournament. Two games ran simultaneously while the remaining teams put together a team haka or cheerleading performance. Teams competed in two pools as the April showers stopped and started. After a play off for 5/6th and 3/4th position, the final saw Real Madrid versus Atletico Madrid, with Atletico scoring a win under a double rainbow!
Back inside for snack and showers and then it was Buenos Noches a la Boarders!..

wed 25 april 

25 04 5

25 04 4

 25 04 1

25 04 3

Thursday 26th April

Juniors walked down to the River Tweed and enjoyed an evening of stone skimming and hunting for stone flies. Seniors had their Science Tutorial and then spent free time playing tennis.

26 04 3

26 04 2

26 04 1

Mrs E Rawson


Mrs E Rawson ........ jb, 27/04/2018

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