Poetry Final 

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Huge thanks to Susie Walker for judging yesterday's Poetry Final.

Results were as follows:


1st - Iona S - At Euston, A M Harbord
2nd - Archie Mo - If, Rudyard Kipling
3rd - Dicken - Once More Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, William Shakespeare

1st - Isaac S - Have A Nice Day, Spike Milligan
2nd - Oliver L - Television, Roald Dahl
3rd - Josh C - Rab o Shanter, Anoymous

1st - Angus Ma - I Made A Noise This Morning, Jack Prelutsky
2nd Barney - The Life Of A Cupcake, Shelby Greer
2rd - Lily W - Foreign Lands, Robert Louis Stevenson

poetry 2

Jules Birdsall, 25/04/2018