Form 1 Learn With Royal Highland Education Trust

Form 1 had a very busy time last week. We started with a good, healthy Farmhouse breakfast on Tuesday morning, kindly prepared and served by one of the Royal Highland Education Trust’s volunteers. This was part of our prize, along with a £50 voucher, for winning their Breakfast Competition again this year. We had to produce some poetry promoting the benefits of a healthy breakfast and the work farmers do to help provide us with our food. Watch out for the winning entry in the magazine this year!

We followed this with a visit to the Walled Garden at Mertoun Estate. There we looked around the greenhouses and the garden to look at the differences compared to our last visit in September. There wasn’t very much growing but plenty of preparation was under way to supply the kitchens with fruit and vegetables for the year. We then helped by planting out the strawberry runners. Hopefully we will be able to pop back to taste a few! This visit was also arranged by RHET and we are very grateful to them for all the help they give us.

All of our thanks goes to the Royal Highland Education Trust for their help over the last few years. Their involvement is an integral part of the Outdoor Learning that the Lower School enjoys so much.

Below are some photos from both events.







Jo Renwick, 20/03/2018