St Mary’s Vs Fettes – Football

Wednesday 14th March 2018

Unfortunately this term fixtures have been few and far between, not least of all due to the horrendous weather! However, this Wednesday we had a truly fab day for sport, the turf was firm and the sun was out, the only issue was the hefty breeze from the East.

Fettes had kick off and used the strong wind well, moving the ball forward in attack, and filling our half with their boys in pink. Fettes used the atmospheric advantage to score a nice early goal, a cheeky tap saw it slip in past our keeper. Not to be disheartened our lads picked up the pace and passed the ball accurately back up towards the Fettes end, culminating in a juicy goal from Josh! Fettes scored again, displaying some strong skills, carving our lads up at the back, however, as was the theme for the second half, we scored straight after! The balance and flow of the first half followed this pattern to result in a 3-3 score line at half time. Our two other goals were from Ollie DG and Ed, who utilised his “toe poke of doom” to rocket the ball into the net!


The second half arrived and we had kick off and the wind! Henry was instrumental in keeping Fettes out of our half with his strong boot, where he would farmer the ball down wind whenever he got the chance. John I and Mitchell our captain, kept the ball moving and worked very hard, passing and dribbling the length and breadth of the pitch throughout the entire game. Our defence worked very hard as well with Stewart making some key tackles on the most athletic Fettes player, whilst Geordie and John T worked exceptionally hard hassling the Fettes forwards in the box, with great success. Ollie L, our keeper made some quality saves as well, and so a big thumbs up to our back four for allowing us to keep a lead of one point for most of the second half! Ollie DG managed to slot in a second screamer to put us ahead half way through the second half, despite us missing two penalties!

A very evenly matched group of athletes, it was a real treat to watch such fantastic football. It was also wonderful to see Mr Mill, a true legend!
A big thanks to all the boys for playing their socks off, and all the parents and staff who came to support!

Final Score: St Mary’s 4 – Fettes – 3

Mr Brown

Marnie Harvey, 16/03/2018

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