Week ending 16th March 

Monday 12th March
Cooking with Cheffy was on tonight and the children made their own burgers. Then it was off to a productive prep, where the seniors focused on Maths and French and the juniors did some puzzles. Afterwards, the boarders headed outside in their squads to play a dodge ball tournament in the moonlight. 

12th March

12 march 2

Tuesday 13th March
19 Boarders headed to Galashiels pool for a swim, they spent 40 mins racing, putting together synchronised swimming routines and perfecting handstands on the shallow end! The remaining boarders enjoyed a game of football on the All Weather courts outside before hot chocolate and a game of charades.

tue 13th March

tue 13th March 2

Wednesday 14th March
Tonight the boarders were excited to split into teams to take part in 22 challenges! Each challenge completed was awarded points and the winning team were the first to reach 500. Challenges included a scavenger hunt outside, quiz questions on the FP Honour's Board, creating unique hairstyles, press ups, physical Geography research, spanish translation, dance interpretation, raps and deciphering riddles!...

Thursday 15th March
Tonight's activities included Science tutorials, helping put together props for the Senior Show with Maddy, playing basketball with gymnastics in the pre prep gym with Stefan and Mr Rawson.

15th March

15th March 2

Photographs by Mrs E Rawson
Text - Maddy Hall, GAP

Jules Birdsall, 16/03/2018

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