Dandylions v Wosps Netball

Wednesday 7th March

 Venue: Fettes College
St. Mary’s representatives: Tegan, Molly S. & Jessica

Thankfully, today’s Dandylions netball had been arranged on the indoor courts at Fettes. Most outdoor courts in the area were still snow covered but the string of cancellations up and down the country, fortunately weren’t going to affect this annual fixture.
As: Dandylions 18, Wosps 15
This was a fantastic netball match, perhaps closer than previously anticipated. Dominated, in number, by the Fettes girls, they found the going tough all the way through the match. At no point were they able to establish a comfortable lead, thanks to a determined and feisty Wosps side.
At 12-10 going into the final quarter, it was all to play for, however, the Dandys girls stood tall, quite literally and managed to maintain their advantage and graft out a hard fought win.


Bs: Dandylions 16, Wosps 4
This game featured Tegan (GK), Molly (WA) and Jessica (C). I was pleased that all three girls started and keeping that unity in the team, paid dividends almost immediately.
Despite a nervy start, the girls got to speed with the pace of the game and soon began to link with each other superbly. As ever, Jessica’s distribution and work rate was first class, so good in fact, that she controlled large chunks of the game. Molly, playing at WA, was also very central to our control of the game. Having played alongside Jessica all season, she instinctively knew where Jessica would expect her to be and the balls they fed into our GA and GS were excellent. Tegan was also instrumental to the team’s success. The Wosps attacking quartet saw their fair share of the ball, however, Tegan’s height and excellent positional play meant that any shot that didn’t find it’s target, was eagerly snapped up.
The Bs managed to maintain their momentum throughout the game and all 9 squad members enjoyed good match time. In the third quarter, the girls really started to click and goals were coming thick and fast. I was once again very proud of the St. Mary’s girls. They proved themselves very worthy of their selection and played some lovely netball.

Despite the score line suggesting otherwise, this too was a great game of netball. Had more of the Wosps shots been on target, the score line would have been decidedly different. However, the girls did their job and did it very well.

Congratulations to all the Dandylions girls and particularly to Tegan, Molly and Jessica. Next week, the rescheduled  Ardvreck netball tournament starts at 2pm and promises to be another great afternoon; here’s hoping for no snow!
Mr P.  

Marnie Harvey, 09/03/2018

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