Form 5 visit Dynamic Earth

Tuesday 7th March 2018

Despite a weeks’ worth of heavy snow and a swift thaw, Form 5 were not going to be put off visiting Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh. Dynamic Earth is located at the foot of the Royal Mile, nestled beneath Salisbury Crags, which for those keen geographers amongst you, are formed of igneous dolerite and basalt. They were dubbed Salisbury Crags by none other than Walter Scot himself.

However, despite the weather, Mrs Lewington and Mrs Runciman drove very well through the slush making great time, just over an hour door to door! It must be mentioned that Form 5 conducted themselves perfectly on the bus trip too, there and back, we were all very impressed. Upon arrival we jumped straight into our first workshop, “Quake, Rattle and Roll”, which was all about natural hazards. Form 5 looked at a variety of hazards such as meteorites, (even getting to hold some and test their magnetic potency), the formation of tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic rocks and the inner workings of a tornado!

Following this we had our tour of the centre, going back in time to watch the Big Bang, 14 Billion years ago, feel the power of earthquakes in the early years of our planet and fly over a Scotland covered in ice. After these three we looked at early life forms and how they developed into the creatures we have today in our oceans, forests, deserts and the many other biomes that this world has to offer. The 3D scorpion gave the whole class a massive fright in our world tour!

After a tasty lunch provided by chef, we tackled our second and final workshop, Volcanoes! Form 5 looked at the various types of Volcano, such as geysers, underwater volcanoes and the different types of rocks and minerals that are found within the earth and following an eruption! Finally, we looked at the impacts that a volcanic eruption can have on humans and our built environments, which was a real reminder of how powerful and unpredictable our earth can be.

Some of the Form 5 girls respond to an earthquake drill.

dynamic earth

After a whistle stop tour of the Parliament and Holyrood palace, we returned to the buses and made our way home. Another fantastic day out with Form 5, Mrs Runciman, Mrs Lewington and Maddy, I couldn’t have been happier.

Form 5 were a real credit to the school, displaying their high standards of behaviour. Furthermore, the company was super. A big thanks to Dynamic Earth for having us and also to the whole Form for being so fantastic. Also big thanks are extended out to Maddy, Mrs Runciman and Mrs Lewington for their driving, support and superb company. Finally, a big thanks to parents for supporting our venture following such severe weather.

dynamic earth 2

 Meteorites galore! Can’t beat a good bit of geography!

Mr James Brown and Mrs L Runciman

Jules Birdsall, 08/03/2018