Week ending 9th March

Monday 5th March
Cooking with cheffy was on tonight and the children were excited as it was Chicken Kiev’s. Then after prep the children had the choice of, going to the art room with Maddy, playing in the pre prep gym with Stefan, in the ITS room with Mrs SA and Mr Whitelaw.

Tuesday 6th March
18 boarders enjoyed a trip to Galashiels Swimming Pool tonight and the remaining boarders played a basketball tournament in the pre-prep gym.


Wednesday 7th March
After supper, Form 8’s discussed exam revision techniques and how best they could revise during the evenings at boarding. Boarders then had the choice of ball games outside, board games or crafts for Mother’s Day gifts in the Art Room.

8th Mar

8th mar 1

8th mar 2

Thursday 8th March
Tonight was another lovely night, after prep the children had the choice of art with Maddy and Mr Rawson, and outside time with Stefan. This was while the form 8s finished their clinic with Mrs Stewart. 

sport relief

Boarders dressed and ready for St Mary’s Sport Relief Day!

Photos by Mrs Rawson, report by Maddie Hall, GAP



Boarding Team, 07/03/2018

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