1st Netball V Fettes

 Wednesday 21st February 2108

STM 7 - Fettes 19

The team: Rowan (c), Iona, Jessica, Rosie, Tegan, Molly & Isla


This morning was the first Wednesday of the term where I haven’t peaked through the curtains and doubted whether the matches would go ahead. Whilst we perhaps couldn’t describe the conditions this afternoon as warm, the sun was out and it made for a thoroughly pleasant afternoon for netball.

We met the Fettes team at the Dandylions trial, a fortnight past and together with reports I’d heard from other matches they’d played, new they were a good outfit! However, I could not have been more proud of the girls today. Not in the slightest overawed by the height or dexterity of their opponents, the girls stuck to their game plan and ran the Fettes girls closer than perhaps the score line might suggest.

The start of the first quarter was close. Both teams retained possession well and worked hard off the ball. They created a few more chances than we did and made that count by securing a 7 – 3 lead after the first 10 minutes. A main emphasis for the second ten, was for each girl to do their job in closing down and staying tight to their marker. Subsequently, we played some outstanding netball and made many more interceptions than we did in the first quarter. Furthermore, we kept hold of the ball well and had it not been for some rather tall and agile defenders, we may well have got the better of the Fettes girls. As it was, the half time score was 5 – 12.

Legs began to tire slightly in the 3rd quarter and we ended up defending more than we attacked. However, we defended brilliantly, with Tegan (GK) and Rosie (GD) both doing an outstanding job in keeping the Fettes shooters at bay. Isla too was outstanding. Had she had a fit bit attached to her wrist, I would think it would have showed that she covered 10,000 steps in ten minutes rather than ten hours! Her work rate was phenomenal and she won back possession on many occasions for the team. However, it wasn’t just Isla who worked hard. Molly (WA) and Jessica (C) both had their work cut out in marking two extremely energetic girls and they too tracked hard and made life very difficult for their opposing players. Iona (GS) was being marked by the tallest girl on the pitch, so any pop pass aimed in her direction, was gleefully intercepted, so she had to rely on her change of direction and quick hands to gain any possession. This she did well but any shot that missed the target, was inevitably snapped up by the defenders; rebounds were somewhat scarce! Rowan (GA) managed to find space thanks to some superb movement. She linked well with Molly, Jessica and Iona and was responsible for most of her team’s goals. Fettes won the quarter 5 – 1 which extended their lead to 6 – 17.

The final quarter was shorter but no less entertaining. We again took the game to the Fettes girls and each girl played their part in putting together was superb period of play. Fettes won the quarter 2 – 1 but there was no doubt that they found the going increasingly difficult thanks to our superb work rate and never-say-die attitude.

I could not have been more proud of the girls today; what a warm up for the Ardvreck tournament next Wednesday.
Mr P

Marnie Harvey, 23/02/2018

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