Wednesday 21st February 2018

StM 2nds v Fettes 2nds
Final score: STM 15 – Fettes 16


Today saw a very exciting match out on the all-weather at St. Mary’s. Fettes and St. Mary’s were perfectly balanced in their abilities this season, which made for a very even and exciting match. It was just such a shame that we ended up one goal down when the final whistle blew! However, the tight score demonstrates just how the score could have gone in either team’s favour, and the girls should be very proud of their performance today.

We got off to a flying start and quickly started popping the ball through the Fettes net. We used the space on the court well and our movement off the ball meant we kept possession for good lengths of time. We were up by 3 goals at the end of the first 10 minutes, but Fettes woke up and bounced back in the second quarter. They managed to get more shots at goal, as well as getting them in, than we did so things were tightening up.

We had a reshuffle of positions following an unfortunate injury but the girls still played well. The concentrated on slowing the game down, making sure their footwork was slick, and making strong accurate passes. As the third quarter came to an end it was neck and neck so everything was to play for in the final 10 minutes. And what a final quarter it was! Never has netball been played with such passion and ferocity! It was seriously faced paced and Fettes took the upper hand, doing their best to dominate. We did, however, get possession too at times and got some goals in ourselves, but sadly, it just wasn’t enough.

A seriously great game girls. Well done to all 8 of you who contributed massively to the all-round team performance. I could not be prouder of how you all played today.


Marnie Harvey, 23/02/2018

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