RSPB visits the Middle School 

During Thursday afternoon's activities session, Mr Mike Fraser of the RSPB talked to Forms 3, 4 and 5 about the importance of birdboxes. These simple structures give a real helping hand to our native birds both during the breeding season and as shelter in the cold Winter.

class talk1
Mr Fraser also talked about his life in the RSPB; in particular his time in South Africa and on the South Atlantic island of Tristan de Cunha.

Tristan de Cunha is the most remote inhabited island in the World

Upland Inaccessible Bunting (nesospiza acunhae fraseri)

How many people have a species of bird named after them? The Upland Inaccessible Bunting (nesospiza acunhae fraseri) from the high land of Inaccessible Island was named after its discoverer, Mr Mike Fraser!

After lots of super questions from the children we headed outside to put up some of the birdboxes that Mr Fraser had brought with him. These are of a design vastly superior to my own and will be quickly reverse-engineered to improve the quality of our own D & T output.

10 RSPB birdboxes will be looking for new tenants this Spring.

Mr Fraser did not leave empty-handed, however, and 20 St. Mary's birdboxes will be heading to the farmlands of East Berwickshire to help the RSPB's efforts to protect small native birds.

Well done to all involved!

Tom Rawson, 23/02/2018