Week ending 9th February 

Monday 5th February

A boarding questionnaire was done during prep today to let the children come up with some ideas of activities that they would like, musical instruments like the cello were practiced. During free time the children were given three choices one being art with Mrs Rawson and Maddy where the children did Valentine’s Day cards, origami love hearts and flamingo paintings. Outside Stefan decides to start with a game of football to include all the girls then had a game of rugby with those who chose to play. Then last but not least Mr Brown had a battleground all set up with warhammer, with the children battled each other and having fun.

Tuesday 6th February

Free time was on everyone’s lips tonight with the options being rehearsing for the up and coming talent show for later on that night or playing on the tennis courts with Mr Mateos, Mr Whitelaw and Stefan. It was then moved into the into the pre prep gym to play a short game of dodge ball. Before the children all met up in the Sanderson building with a mixture of talent from old ladies, various celebrities, Lucy MacPherson, and the one and only
Big Mac “mans not hot”. All gracing our presents with their amazing talents. And the over all winner was.... Lucy MacPherson! Good job to everyone who participated you all did a fantastic job. 

6 feb 1

6 feb 2

Wednesday 7th February





collage 2

Thursday 8th February




Maddy Hall, GAP

Emma Rawson, 08/02/2018

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