F8 Become Scientists! 

It is official - F8s are now proper scientists! As a final celebration of their work over the last 2 ½ years, and before we hit the revision section of our program in the run up to C.E., F8 have been showing off the science skills this week.

They were given the task of designing, within reason, any experiment they wanted as long as it attempted to answer a question. They focused on fair testing and safe practice, completing a risk assessment for their experiment and planning their work carefully.

The variety of ideas was fantastic and all pupils were able to carry out and complete their experiments successfully. That is not to say that all the ideas ‘worked’. There was rethinking, refinement and, on occasion, abandonment of the original idea, but this reflective practice and coping with failure as well as success, is all part of the normal life of a scientist.

The class will now be tasked with writing up their findings in a full report, which I intend to display outside the lab if you would like to come and take a look.

Well Done F8!

Form 8 science

Oli and Hamish working with the water bath

form 8 science 1

Lucy and Dicken investigating energy in food

form 8 scence 2

Fergus and Antony made a range of natural indicators using rose petals, hibiscus flowers, beetroot and turmeric

form 8 science 3

How much sugar is in a can of coke? 
form 8 science 4

How many mentos does it take to fizz up diet coke?

form 8 science 5

Tegan and her team wanted to know if taste buds get less effective with age. Here is Mrs Scott Aiton getting a taste of 3 different fruit purees, blind folded, to see if she could tell them apart.

Mrs Mwara Stuart


Jules Birdsall, 05/02/2018