F7 get a hands-on look at the lungs

As part of their science topic on the lungs and breathing, F7 were given the opportunity to see what the heart and lungs really look, feel and smell like! Using a set of sheep’s pluck, we were able to get first-hand experience of lung and heart structure in a supported dissection class last Thursday. The pupils were fascinated (and slightly disgusted) to see how the whole system fitted together. They were able to explore the cartilage rings on the trachea, the network of bronchioles in the lungs and the massive blood vessels feeding the large, muscular heart. With the tongue and liver attached, it was an amazing opportunity to develop a vivid picture of the inside of our bodies.

for 7 science 

Some pupils were happier than others to get a feel of the organs…

My thanks go to Martin Baird, the butcher, for kindly donating 2 sets of organs for the class.

Mrs Mwara Stuart

Jules Birdsall, 05/02/2018